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Gordon Smith GS1 2004 LP Junior (Pre-Owned)

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This stunning guitar by Gordon Smith guitars is an absolute tone monster. This isn't to be confused with the new Gordon Smith guitars who, as good as they are, "don't make em like they used to" and this was built by the GS brainchild in Manchester. In 2015 John Smith decided to part way with the company and sold it on to Auden guitars who now produce them out of Northampton.

This was built in 2004 and has seen a little action. It's in great shape overall and doesn't look to have been gigged much but has been dinged and dented around the house. The most noticeable is a shock damage on the back of the neck. On first inspection it looks like the wood, but thank the lord it is only the lacquer. Our technician has had this under close scrutiny and said there was no damage to the wood during the accident which is a relief. The damage, although not significant, is reflected in the selling price.

Being one of the original guitars built by John Smith these are now becoming increasingly rare and this was such a great part exchange for us as we've always loved the brand.

It is a light weight guitar at only 5lb 6oz so wont weigh you down on timely gigs. It has a push pull pot to achieve both humbucker and single coil tones from it's single hand wound pickup.

All in all this is a great guitar for someone looking for a bit of British history in guitar manufacture.

Grab a bargain! Once it's gone, it's gone.