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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2014 Min-Etune (Pre-Owned)

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The Gibson Les Paul is arguably the worlds most iconic guitar of all time. Designed without a single note of "sweet child of mine" ever heard, this icon has taken the world by storm and has survived for generations. During the decades, Gibson have swapped and changed slight designs to keep up with the times, and this modern offering isn't any different. Not to everyone's taste, this model has a wider brass nut, push/pull pots and Gibson's innovative yet often debatable self tuning system. Some people are amazed at the technology installed in this guitar, other 'traditional' players don't want anything to do with it. Whatever side of the fence you're on, you cannot deny it's extremely clever design and the fact that people's jaws drop every time they see a guitar tuning itself.

The guitar itself is in near mint condition with only some very light signs of use. It comes with the original hardcase and all the candy.

Due to it's reception, this will be one of those Les Paul's which is worth keeping hold of as it didn't do too well for it's target audience but collectors who love the quirks and the innovative design will love this.