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Echoplex JD-EP103 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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The legendary Echoplex is one of the most definitive sounds guitarists have in their minds. It takes you right back to the delay scapes of David Gilmour or even Marc Bolan. Now available to fit right on your pedal board, this delay pedal has everything you need to get that nostalgic tone.

• Vintage Echoplex EP-3 tape echo warmth and modulation • Hi-fi analog and digital audio paths • Dry path is 100% analog • Age control varies delay tone from pristine to dark and dirty • Delay control provides 65–750ms of delay time • Tap tempo jack provides up to 4 seconds of delay time with external Tap Tempo Switch • Studio-grade low noise floor • Relay true bypass and delay trails modes • Stereo In/Out capability when using TRS cables - See more at: