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Jim Dunlop 87N Electric Guitar Trigger Capo (Nickel)

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With the silver-coloured Dunlop 87N Electric Trigger capo, you will be able to raise the pitch of your electric guitar by one or several semitones. There is a grip connected to each of the two bars of the capo and you only have to squeeze these two together to open the clamp of the capo. Then all you have to do is place it over the desired fret, let go and it will be securely fastened to the neck of your guitar! This Dunlop capo is very durable, powerful and comfortable to use. The 87N is fit for all electric guitars with a rounded fretboard. A rounded fretboard is very common for electric guitars.

Application of the Dunlop 87N Trigger
The capo (or capotasto) allows the guitarist to play in every key with ‘open’ chords. Using a capo also makes playing in difficult keys easier: you can play your piece of music in a nearby (easier) key and use the capo to raise the pitch to what you need it to be. Playing with open chords can also produce a very bright sound, when you play something in the key of A with the shapes of E, for instance.