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Guitar amplifiers are a key part of a guitar players arsenal and we make no exceptions with what we offer. We bring you the world's best selling guitar amplifiers to help you achieve your tonal goals. Every guitar player is unique and it's almost essential to pick an amp which will match your style and be compatible with your guitar. Jim Marshall has forever been known as the 'Father of Loud' and for good reason. A Marshall guitar amplifier needs to be cranked to be on top form. Any amplifier enthusiast will know a legend when they hear one. Orange amplifiers have been part of the British amplifier heritage since 1968 and today stand as one of the world's leading guitar amplifier manufacturers with players such as Mastodon, Slipknot, Skindred to name but a few. Laney amps helped path the way for heavy metal with guitar titan Tony Iommi forever sporting his Laney stack! Browse through our awesome range of guitar and bass amplifiers to help you achieve your dream tone!